The GWOT Christmas Soap (AKA Midnight Bonfire)
The GWOT Christmas Soap (AKA Midnight Bonfire)
The GWOT Christmas Soap (AKA Midnight Bonfire)
Special Flower Oil Co

The GWOT Christmas Soap (AKA Midnight Bonfire)

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This soap is a nod to all of the honorable warfighters that have served, from all nations. Past. Present. Future. We salute you and thank you for all you've done. 

It's a GWOT Christmas. You know what that means!... Whisky. Spent brass. Tobacco.

This amazing soap features charcoal to help remove excess oils and dirt from the skin to help give your complexion a clean slate, while crushed bayleaf helps to gently exfoliate your skin, and help relieve tension.

But you did't care about all that did you? You're still thinking about smelling like spent brass, tobacco and whisky - and the good times that come with it.

Pair with the GWOT Christmas Beard Oil and double down on the scent of pure awesomeness.

Because we don't cut corners by using "white-label" soap, or melt and pour - instead opting for a cold-process method, each bar of our handcrafted soaps are entirely one of a kind and unique. Moreover, our fragrance and essential oil blends are always Pthalate and Paraben free.


Ingredients- Organic Coconut Oil, Sustainable Palm Oil, Olive Oil, Canola Oil, Distilled Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Castor Oil, Shea Butter, Castor. Activated Charcoal, Bay Leaf, Fragrance


5 Oz

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Caleb H.
United States United States
For the Man in your life...

I usually don't write product reviews except when I find an absolutely amazing product, and This Is It! First off, Made in the U.S.A. and supports Small Business. But the soap itself... Absolutely the best quality handmade soap I've used. If you are looking for a masculine soap this is as good as it gets. From the unique smell of bonfire, whiskey, and freedom... to leaving my skin feeling moisturized and clean. I even use this stuff to scrub my beard, and it leaves it soft and manageable. Why did I buy a whole "loaf" size of this stuff? Who needs that much soap? I do, you do, everyone does. Makes a great gift for your "Mountain Man" friends or something to pamper your Man with. Girlfriend approved for an all day scent of 'Murca and touchable skin.

I'm Out of Title Ideas

To put it succinctly to start: you won't go wrong buying this. I work 24hr shifts and, despite working, moving, and sweating throughout the shift, I could still smell traces of this on me the next morning. I caught whiffs of it throughout my shift (which saved me from some of the ambient smells that I occasionally come into contact with). Whereas with store soap (bar or detergent and from any number of retailers) I notice that the smell goes away after a while (causing me to smell anywhere from average on a good shift to downright horrid after a busy shift in the humid South), though I haven't had that problem with the GWOT soap. I tend to dislike stuff like Axe and Old Spice because it takes what I'd consider a masculine scent and punches you in the face with it as if your nose owed them money. This soap, however, is subtle. The scent is definitely there (and was the first thing I noticed when opening the box) but it doesn't assault your senses. It's a soap that makes you smell good without reminding me of middle school locker rooms and people trying to cover up BO with a metric ton of Axe. I'm gonna be buying a few of these closer to Christmastime because everyone likes to smell good and the subtlety of this soap lends itself well to those who may be sensitive to smells while still allowing them to smoke how they'd like. Regardless, I've found a new favorite soap.

Special Flower Oil Co

Brendan, having worked similar 24's I get it! The GWOT Christmas is perfect for covering up the "stench" of the day and exchanging it with that perfect woody smoky scent. Glad you like it!