About Us

The Special Flower Oil Co.


Special Flower Oil Company was founded on the belief that natural beauty didn’t mean compromise. We aim to provide the highest quality natural products with minimal inclusion of ingredients not found in nature. We believe in empowering those less fortunate than ourselves by the institution of our Special Flower Outreach Collaboration.


As of now, Special Flower Oil Co donates 10% of each soap batch to local charities that assist with Womens’ Shelters, Homeless teens, Single Parents, Veterans in need, and any other demographics that require assistance. Moreover, for each whole loaf of soap that is sold, we create a second that is donated in its entirety.


Our vision is to create educational programs, utilizing soap and cosmetic making classes to instill confidence and new skills into individuals in shelters, those struggling with Post Traumatic Stress, and those seeking catharsis from a multitude of issues. Then letting the individuals take their creations and share them with the charitable organization of their choosing. We believe that empowerment is the definition of true beauty, and we can do so starting at skin deep.

Our Guiding Values

  • Candor - We believe that being open and honest with our customers is the most important aspect for our business. We are dedicated to communication and openness, because we understand that trust is earned not given.
  • Confidence - We believe that success starts with the confidence that our customers have not only in us, but themselves. We aim to deliver simplicity in beauty for people of every background, because we want you to feel as good about choosing our product, as we do making it.
  • Elegance - We believe that beauty does not mean compromise. We create superior skincare solutions using top of the line ingredients to make you feel beautiful in your own skin.
  • Ecological Impact - we believe in using sustainable, naturally sourced ingredients, utilizing local sources when available in order to minimize our carbon footprint, taking only what is necessary from the earth, and then giving back to our planet, by including plantable seed paper around many of our products. We only have one earth, loving her is imperative.
  • Philanthropy - In addition to donation of products to local charities, we believe that philanthropic skills sharing is just as important, enabling others to continue forth with the skills to create their own natural and sustainable products just as we have.

We believe that above all else, love is the most important. Loving each other, our earth, and finding new ways to better not only those around us and our customers, but those less fortunate than us as well.


Thank you,


Raul and Yuliya Montes

Special Flower Oil Co.