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About Us


Early in 2019, we were discussing the prospect of having a wedding reception, and began discussing what kind of party favors we would use. Initially we settled on bath items, like soaps, bath bombs, and scrubs, but after looking, we felt like nothing really fit the people who had always been there for us. There were plenty of quality goods out there, but none that were uniquely "us." 


That's where Special Flower Oil Co. began. 

Personalization and uniqueness are what make an item special. It's the time taken to make a unique item that isn't mass produced and misleadingly called "handcrafted." It's about the time and effort we take to perfect our art, whether that be the scent in a bath bomb, the particular composition of a soap, or the one on one focus on customer service. 


We are Special Flower Oil Co.

Raul and Yuliya


Our products utilize top of the line organic, fair trade compliant, rain-forest safe oils. Moreover, we source local products from goat milk to honey, as often as we can, utilizing veteran owned businesses where available. We also source our herbs from local, organic, pesticide free gardens - because you deserve to feel as good about a product's background, as you do when you use the product.