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Hey everyone!

We've moved into a new townhouse that has a much larger workspace! We are still up and selling as we take boxes apart, but we may be a bit delayed in shipping for the next week.

About the move - We went from doing all of this in our kitchen, in a house with 6'4 ceilings and difficulty maintaining environmental factors like temperature and humidity to a 600 sq foot work space where we can control all of the environmental factors. This helps us ensure more consistent results every time!

You may have seen in my previous blog that heat can be the enemy of soap - and this past summer was an incredible challenge for us - often soaping in 90+ degree environments and praying that we could maintain enough chill to keep the oils from separating - and ending up salvaging otherwise beautiful batches for use in the odds and ends collection. Our first few runs of soap here have been *FLAWLESS* and we're really excited to finally unveil our Christmas collection and launch our Holiday Sale (which will run from Black Friday to January 7). In addition, anyone who orders from now until the end of the sale, will receive complimentary gifts up to $25 in value. This is the PERFECT time to place your orders. Sales and Free Stuff?

That's the Special Flower Way.

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