Planting Flowers: Practicing What We Preach

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Our last blog post, we talked about wrapping out soap in seed paper in order for us not only to leave our footprint in terms of soap, but also to have an impact on the environment. 

It's no secret that flowers can brighten up just about anyone's day, regardless of gender (Yuliya bought me some sunflowers this past week). So when we heard that there was a way that we could deliver flowers with out soap - we jumped at the chance. Unfortunately the past week or so has been incredibly hectic (as we prepare for a pair of events) and we haven't had as much to do some of the normal things that we would do - let alone the time to plant our own paper!

As we go forward, as a part of our blogs, we are going to be posting photos of our paper as it buds into wildflowers in our planter - so that you can join us on the journey of not only brightening up a pair of empty planters - but in our quest to impact the environment in positive ways - providing for bees and hummingbirds!

These will take about 8 weeks to bloom, but we should see some sprouts in just a few short days! 


We're looking forward to having you with us on our little planting journey!

We'll have regular updates on Instagram as well! @Specialfloweroilco 

Don't forget to share your own flowers with #specialfloweroilco - we want to see your rose gardens, your trees, your flower planters, and your artistic photos of flowers wherever you may be!


Also - be on the look out! I'm going to teach you all how to make your OWN soap, starting with a wonderful shave soap that will have you replacing artificial lubricants and shaving cream forever!

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