My Own Skin Issues and the Creation of the Goat Milk Oats and Honey Soap

Skin Issues

For those that are unfamiliar with one of the owners here at Special Flower Oil Co, we'll give a little bit of history, as well as a personal testimony to one of our soaps.

Raul served as a U.S. Navy Corpsman attached to 1st Marines Division. During this time he deployed for a total of 13 months to Iraq, spending much of his time as a Military Transition Team (MTT) Trainer, where he taught Iraqi Medics the finer point of field medicine in an austere and war-torn environment. This a personal account:


Iraq was an interesting place - not just because of the fact that we were in a war zone but because of the sheer amount of contaminants we were exposed to. From Burn Pits to depleted uranium being whipped up by sand storms to the caches of old chemical weapons that many of us found. Combine these with the sun beating down on your skin at 125+ degrees every day, and its not a wonder that so many of us came back home with skin issues. Truth be told, I'm not an exception.

Doctors suggested that it was brachioradial puritis, a neurogenic itching syndrome of the upper extremities, characterized by extreme itchiness around the back aspects of my elbows, and often on my forearms. The only relief for BRP is the application of cold packs, and even that is short lived.

For a long time I believed that is what this was, until I began contacting other veterans who served their time near where I did - and came to find out that some of these guys have it around their ankles, their necks, one even stated that he gets it on his rib cage.

Part of this soap story is explaining that finding relief for my own skin issues is what got me into this. I've tried the CeraVe, capsaicin powders, pills like Atarax (which at the very least guaranteed a full night's sleep) - but nothing seemed to truly work except for the ice packs.

Now, as you can imagine, a guy who did 300+ patrols (sometimes 2 a day) in an arid environment, probably has some pretty messed up skin anyway. And frankly that's probably what did it - the constant exposure to heat and sunlight. And for almost a decade, I've had the sensation of bees stinging my arms, especially at night when I'm trying to sleep... until recently.

I've seen a huge improvement since using our Goat Milk, Oats and Honey soap. I'm not sure which component is giving me the results - but I know I'll never go back to buying the commercial soap at the grocery store. Now, this took a lot of research, and my first round of soap was a crumbly mess - but I realized that after that crumbled mess of a soap cured, that there was some relief. So I got to work reformulating - because no one likes an ugly soap. I figured out how to run a lye discount (using less lye than necessary makes the bar exponentially more gentle) added in some shea butter, and switched from standard store bought honey, to local raw honey. The results have been absolutely astounding, resulting in what can only be described as a quantifiable difference. If I were to describe it in terms of percentages, I've experienced between 50 and 75% relief (depending on environmental factors). For those that suffer like this - you know how much that matters.

I may not ever experience complete resolution of whatever-the-hell is going on with my skin, but being able to have some relief is enough to help me sleep a bit more soundly.

Thank you again, James Hansen, of Doc's Honey in Vista, CA. Your bees may be literal miracle workers.

What you put on your skin, is just as important as what you put in your body.



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