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This past week we were fortunate enough to be featured in a blog by Bloomin' Uterus(Thank you Lisa!) regarding the custom creation of soap and body care items, and their interaction with people who suffer from endometriosis. Shortly after answering the interview questions and subsequent post by BU, a woman named Melissa reached out to us.

Melissa suffers not only endometriosis, but Hashimoto's (an autoimmune disorder that turns the body against the thyroid) and Toxicant‐Induced Loss of Tolerance (TILT is an autoimmune disorder characterized by a breakdown of innate tolerance to even the most basic chemicals, resulting in anything from headaches, to full blown allergic reactions). Her symptoms are brought on by a lot of the things we see being used in the health and beauty sector - beeswax, honey, cucumber, melon, chlorine (a common additive in water, that doesn't quite make it out of distilled water - which is what most items use in formulation) and formaldehyde which was up until recently used as a preservative in a multitude of beauty items. 


Frankly, her symptoms have gotten so bad that she's unable to shower with city tap water due to the chlorine and chloramine content - now having to use expensive purified water systems, and was forced to throw away most of the products she would have otherwise used.

We decided that we'd make something special for her. Free of charge until we could figure out what works specifically for her. We cut out the water altogether, opting for goat milk, eliminating even the remote possibility of chlorine contamination, left out any kind of colorant, and used organic steam extracted essential oils in order to reduce the likeliness of her having a reaction to fragrance oils (which are most often synthetic, but also are most often used).

Once she reached out to us, it reinforced our desire to do something different - to be able to have not only our "flagship" line of soaps - the regular items that we offer, but the ability - and the desire to create items that are uniquely suited to individuals with specific needs, rather than utilizing an endless list of chemicals to create the newest fad item in body care in that "see what sticks" mentality we tend to see. 

We at Special Flower Oil Co. are dedicated to working with people that have specific need, whether its allergies, immune disorders, or any other ailment, and we'll work tirelessly until we figure out what works for you.

This is who we are. This is what we represent. This is our promise to you.



Thank you to Lisa at BU for featuring us! You're amazing!

Thank you to Melissa for letting us share bits of your story and what you've been through, we look forward to continuing to work with you


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