Back to it, Dudes and Soap.


After a big move, some insane sicknesses and some realignment - we're back to full production! We're currently working on our spring line, some of which will be unveiled over the next few days. We're super excited. Expect some really nice florals for the ladies and some nice throwback scents for the gentlemen.


Speaking of gentlemen - Let's talk about the way we clean our bodies, like most of you, I was pretty undiscerning about what I washed with. I'd use any black or white bottle as long as it smelled half way decent, not really paying attention to the fact that what I was really doing was coating myself in synthetic detergents. Beginning my soaping journey taught me a lot - not only about chemicals, but also about my body chemistry... but before that - let's go into a story from a few years back. 

2008, Iraq - a war-torn country, I was in a small town in the southwest portion of Iraq near the Saudi border. The road to our north had gotten bombed out by an IED that cut off the only road supply route to the southwestern portion, leaving us and our support unit to the north of us without resupply - and with air support constantly going red (unable to fly due to weather conditions thanks to the monsoon season, and its accompanying sandstorms) and operations to our north east requiring air support for the recon guys up in Mosul, it left us to our own devices in getting food, water, and basic amenities.

This is where I learned to make soap - some of the Iraqi guys in our Transition Team Unit had learned how to make it - and were leaching lye from wood ash. A couple of us ended up learning how to do it (myself included) but never quite put it into practice because we finally got a much needed resupply. I remember that soap being sticky, scentless, and a bit lye heavy - it would sting the hell out of any open wound - and being a Corpsman for a Marine unit in the middle of nowhere - it seemed I was cutting, scratching, or bruising myself on something - from C-wire, to my clumsy self running into objects in the middle of the night trying to find a good place to pee.

A decade down the road, the leaching skill is all but lost (I'm sure I could figure it out again if I needed to), and I've made more than a few batches of good ol' fashioned bar soap - not just for women (ladies, if you haven't - check out that orchard breeze, it smells HEAVENLY), but for guys as well - because I know that we are more than happy grabbing the "SOS" bottle off the shelf at the store never concerning ourselves with where it came from... Hey I was the same way - but its worth being discerning, understanding not only what is in your soap, but who is making it. 

I've served my country and my community, let me serve you by providing you the best damn bar of soap you'll ever use.

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